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A genuinely distinctive approach

About Us

We specialise in the provision of survey, ROV and inspection personnel to the offshore oil and gas, renewables, telecoms and power industries.

And as we put decades of industry experience and expertise to work on behalf of clients and contractors alike, we do things our way: a genuinely distinctive approach that’s all about adding extra value. We build a unique understanding of the challenges, priorities and opportunities of our clients, so we’re putting the right people into the right roles to help you deliver on your operational or project objectives. And we create sustainable relationships with our contractors, focusing on your interests, growing your skills and maintaining a highly flexible contracting strategy.

Multinational Company

We’re determined to succeed by being the best personnel agency for clients and contractors alike – not a recruitment agency, but an experienced team that works with you to achieve a ‘best fit’ solution every time.

We’re headquartered in Singapore and have a multinational operating team, so we’re equipped to deliver exceptional customer service across Asia and beyond.

But our track record, capabilities and global reach mean we’re a personnel support and services partner to offshore operators and contractors in regions around the world.


Our commitment to consistently deliver outstanding results, without incident.

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Our commitment to sustainable practices, community engagement, and ethical governance.

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Meet The Team

Headquartered in Singapore, with a second office in Cornwall, UK, we have a multinational operating team equipped to deliver exceptional service to clients and contractors across Asia and beyond. Our team of experienced and passionate individuals form a dynamic collective that brings a wide array of unique skills and expertise to our operations.

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We promote safety at every stage of the process – it’s core to our culture. All certification will be authenticated, safety material and briefings available prior to mobilisation and we diligently run an improvement process, always wanting to evolve.

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We keep our promises and maintain open, honest communications with staff, clients and contractors. We prize our status as a trusted advisor, committed to transparency and accountability.

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Competence is key to ensuring we run a safe and successful project and return home to our families happy and well. We not only check competence levels of the contractors, but also encourage growth through training and support.

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Our commitment to social responsibility includes conducting our business in accordance with high ethical standards and commitment to human rights based on integrity, reliability, fairness, mutual respect, and trust.

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