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Posted on 9th Jul 2024

A Conversation with Chris Evans, Offshore Surveyor at Elevate Offshore

At Elevate Offshore, we are passionate about sharing our team members’ remarkable journeys. Today, we delve into the experiences and perspectives of Chris Evans, Offshore Surveyor, as he offers a profound glimpse into his career trajectory and visionary outlook on the future of offshore surveying. Chris joined Elevate Offshore in January 2024, bringing a unique background and a deep passion for offshore surveying. Since then, he has quickly integrated into our team.


Charting a Course in Offshore Surveying


When asked about what initially drew him to this field, Chris shared, “At university, I initially studied Geography with International Politics and then did a Master’s in International Politics, but they didn’t lead me into much. A friend had studied Hydrography and went straight into an interesting, well-paid job with lots of travel, so it seemed like a no-brainer! I went back to university (again) and completed a Master’s in Hydrography.”


Chris’s journey to his current role involved diverse experiences in the field. “After university, I worked in dredging surveying and nearshore/coastal surveys, but the bulk of my offshore career has been spent providing survey and positioning support in offshore construction,” he explained.


Navigating Rewards and Challenges 


Chris finds profound rewards in his work. “The work-life balance, the places you get to see that you wouldn’t normally visit on your typical holiday (e.g., north Mozambique, southwestern Ghanaian coast, or Mauritania) and bumping into people from different companies on vessels that you’ve worked with in different parts of the world,” he noted.


A typical day in Chris’s role is anything but predictable. “I know this sounds cliché, but no day is the same. The jobs are so varied—in the past year, I’ve helped remove expired wellheads and then installed new conductors, looked for subsea equipment damaged by an earthquake, and then the usual installation of flexible pipelines and cables,” he shared.


Spirit of Collaboration 


While challenges like equipment malfunctions sometimes loom, Chris underscores the team’s collaborative spirit. “Everyone will work together to find a solution. In the back of your mind, you know the clock is ticking when you’re on downtime, as these offshore construction vessels are expensive to run. I’m in a couple of work-related WhatsApp groups, so you can fire away questions, and people will suggest ideas. The one thing to remember is no matter how bad things seem, they always get resolved.”


Memorable Projects and Future Innovations


Recalling standout projects, Chris reminisced about an extended stay in Cape Town due to unforeseen circumstances. “Our team spent eight nights there while being paid and fed before embarking. We had a blast,” he reminisced, “And my first ever offshore trip was on a dredging project in Antigua. We were there to calculate dredging volumes after the dredger sucked up sediment from the harbour where cruise ships dock.”


Chris also shared some photos from his recent trip to Sicily, where the vessel docked in the picturesque town of Trapani. During their stay, he and his fellow Elevate Offshore colleague, Jamie Burridge, hiked up Mount Erice.



Looking forward, Chris anticipates groundbreaking advancements: “From Ocean Infinity’s Armada Fleet to AI and subsea drones, the future promises exciting innovations. High-speed internet, especially, will redefine offshore surveying dynamics.”


Advice for Aspiring Offshore Surveyors


For those looking to enter the offshore industry, especially in surveying, Chris advises, “If you plan on joining the industry as a junior online surveyor, you’ll need a degree in a survey-related discipline. I would recommend the University of Plymouth (where I studied my MSc in Hydrography). They offer both undergraduate and master’s degrees in Hydrography and even have their own vessel where you go out, collect, and process your own geophysical surveys. Elevate Offshore is offering a scholarship for the MSc course at Plymouth, so the timing has never been better!”


A Positive Work Experience


Having only worked for one agency so far, Elevate Offshore, Chris finds the company’s support highly commendable. “They’ve been great to me so far,” he said. “As a staff surveyor, they have said they will fund courses and additional training if I require it. I’m only a few months in, but so far so good. There seems to be a large amount of varied work available, and Elevate Offshore is happy to accommodate the time off I need for weddings during peak summer working hours. They also like to call after a job for a little chat!” he said.


At Elevate Offshore, we are proud to have team members like Chris, whose dedication and expertise contribute significantly to our success. His insights and experiences reflect the dynamic and rewarding nature of offshore surveying, and we look forward to supporting his continued growth in the industry.

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