Elevate Offshore Bicycle Team 1200x800 - Celebrating World Environment Day and World Bicycle Day!
Posted on 5th Jun 2024

Celebrating World Environment Day and World Bicycle Day!

Our Singapore team kicked off their week at East Coast Park in tribute to World Environment Day (Wednesday, June 5th) and World Bicycle Day (Monday, June 3rd). Sporting their sneakers and Elevate Offshore beach t-shirts, they embarked on a biking adventure along the scenic shoreline at 10 AM.

Midway through their ride, the team made a pit stop across from Fico to collect trash from the grass to the coast. In no time, they filled bags with shoes, plastic food containers, toothbrushes, liquor bottles, and an alarming number of single-use spoons and forks. The sheer amount of waste washed up on the beach was eye-opening.

Every action, big or small, impacts our ecosystem. A huge shoutout to our team for making this initiative a success!

World Bicycle Day and World Environment Day are essential reminders of our responsibility to protect the environment and promote a healthier, greener world. We look forward to organising the next cleanup when the rest of our crew returns!

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