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Elevate Offshore’s Commitment to Training and Continuous Learning

Posted on 13th Nov 2023

At Elevate Offshore, we are firmly dedicated to the principles of training and continuous learning. We strongly believe that success in the offshore sector hinges on cultivating knowledge, skills, and expertise among our employees and contractors.

Our core philosophy revolves around forging meaningful connections and fostering close collaborations with our team members, all in pursuit of helping them achieve their career goals and ensuring successful outcomes. Throughout 2023, we have made significant investments in the professional development of our staff and contractors, thanks to a strategic partnership with EIVA, a renowned provider of innovative solutions for the offshore industry. This collaboration has opened doors to various virtual and hands-on training experiences.

Some of our team members who participated in these training sessions are sharing their experiences and highlighting the positive impact that the training has had on their roles.

Kristian Johns – Party Chief (Staff)

Kristian Johns Party Chief Elevate Offshore 225x300 - Elevate Offshore's Commitment to Training and Continuous LearningKristian Johns, one of our staff members, had the opportunity to attend the NaviSuite Processing with Pipeline Inspection virtual training course.

“Quality control of final deliverables is a key part of the PC/ RepCo role. Over the years, I’ve picked up a reasonable grasp of processing, which has been invaluable for this. Having undertaken the training course, a few knowledge gaps have been filled, making me a greater asset to assist the offline team if required, in addition to improved knowledge of the software for the day-to-day QCing of data. It has also opened the door to potentially working as a Data Processor!

Despite my relatively short time with them, Elevate Offshore has greatly supported my career and training opportunities. Right from the start, the company has been instrumental in finding challenging roles that help advance my career. Additionally, they’ve facilitated my long-standing interest in taking the training course.”

Jess Timmann – Survey Engineer (Contractor)

Jess Timmann, a contractor with Elevate Offshore, attended the one-day Fusion 2 LBL course by Sonardyne in Plymouth. He praised the personalised one-on-one format of the course.

“This personalised approach allowed me to ask the instructor all my questions and provided the flexibility to review the parts I didn’t fully grasp thoroughly. This course will advance my career, particularly by enabling me to pursue opportunities in LBL and gain more experience in this field.

Elevate Offshore has supported my career growth by offering diverse job opportunities, including roles in LBL. So far, I’ve completed one course provided by Elevate Offshore, and I look forward to additional courses in the future, such as the three-day LBL course and the Sonardyne Sprint INS course. I’m confident they’ll continue to provide further training opportunities.”

Steve Philpott – Survey (Staff)

A staff member, Steve Philpott, attended a one-day Sonardyne Fusion 2 walk-through course at the Plymouth Office.

“This experience provided great firsthand experience using the programme and valuable one-to-one training, allowing for many opportunities for questions, enabling an in-depth understanding. Elevate Offshore is consistently approachable and demonstrates a genuine commitment to promoting professional development in the offshore oil and gas sector.”

Thomas Pouliquen –Data Processor (Staff)

Thomas Pouliquen Data Processor Elevate Offshore 1 300x225 - Elevate Offshore's Commitment to Training and Continuous LearningThomas Pouliquen, another staff member, participated in the virtual NaviSuite navigation, acquisition, and processing training course.

“There were some e-learning courses to do before joining the training so that we could get a good overview of the software and be more efficient during the virtual training. During the training course, EIVA gave me access to a remote PC since my own laptop did not meet all their requirements to run their software. Lars, our instructor, shared his screen on Teams so that we could follow on our screen. We had exercises to complete after each training session to ensure that we would be proficient with the software in an offshore environment.

I’ve been working as a Data Processor recently, but I’ve been eager to broaden my skill set and better understand the acquisition side. This course covered all the fundamentals, from configuring NaviPac and NaviScan with basic instruments to processing in NaviModel. I hope to have the opportunity to become more familiar with the software in a real working environment and continue learning while participating in new projects.

As a data processor, Elevate Offshore has been very supportive by allowing me to join the full training course. That makes me more competitive as a data processor and potentially opens up opportunities to work as a surveyor in the future. Communication with the team has been consistently excellent, and I consider myself fortunate to have joined Elevate Offshore early in my freelance career.”

Mohd Azhari Bin Mohd Japli – Survey Engineer (Contractor)

Scanfish Course Mohd Azhari Bin Mohd Japli 225x300 - Elevate Offshore's Commitment to Training and Continuous LearningMohd Azhari Bin Mohd Japli, one of our contractors, had the opportunity to participate in the EIVA Scanfish Operator course.

“This course was well attended and delivered invaluable insights and hands-on experience regarding the equipment and software. It will provide me with valuable skills in using Eiva Scanfish, opening up possibilities for me in various roles in the future.

Elevate Offshore has helped a lot in my career progression. I’ve worked with them for the last three years, and this relationship has made me stronger and more capable of performing my job to my full potential.”

In addition to our contractor and staff training initiatives, Elevate Offshore’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements is evident through the active participation of our management team in external networking events, exhibitions, and conferences.

IMG 3764 300x225 - Elevate Offshore's Commitment to Training and Continuous LearningOne recent example is our Survey Technical Manager, Anthony Williams, who attended the EIVA Demo Days in September 2023. He found it invaluable to explore the solutions offered by EIVA and gain insights into the future of the field. Anthony’s experience has enabled us to understand better our clients’ requirements and our contractors’ equipment in the field. It has also helped us effectively allocate training resources in collaboration with our partner, EIVA, to enhance our people’s skills.

Anthony remarked, “It was great to see what Covelya and EIVA have been working on and what they have planned for the next few years. I met up with some clients and bumped into an old colleague whom I hadn’t seen for 15 years. A few beers and some outstanding Danish food complemented a well-organised event. Well done, EIVA!”


What Our Clients Say

Elevate Offshore have provided invaluable support to our projects in Taiwan throughout 2021, and proven adept and agile at navigating the many challenges presented by COVID related rules and restrictions on a local and international level. Our sincere appreciation and thanks to the Elevate Offshore Team!

Elevate Offshore has provided excellent specialists for our project needs. With only a few brief discussions of scope and location they are consistently able to provide multiple qualified candidates for our offshore owners rep roles. Elevate has been highly adaptable and responsive to the challenges of the last two years. Andrew is my first call when I need a Freelance Specialist.

Elevate Offshore have provided me, as a contractor working offshore for over 22 years, with varied client and project specific contracts. From North Sea UXO project’s near-shore, supporting operators in the Wind Farm/Cable lay industry to the worldly deep waters in the GOM; Brazil & South China Sea, there’s never a dull moment undertaking Elevate Offshore project assignments.

Since joining Elevate I have felt part of an offshore family. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for Elevate. Very professional in all aspects of being an offshore agency.

I wanted to commend the team onboard the Vigilant from Elevate, they have been outstanding and made my first role as PC (for a lot of years) a lot less stressful. They are all very professional and the knowledge base is very impressive. It been a pleasure and joy working with the team thus far.

One of the team, in particular, has excelled with a tricky requirement, even getting into some coding, he has been an absolute gun.

Party Chief


We promote safety at every stage of the process – it’s core to our culture. All certification will be authenticated, safety material and briefings available prior to mobilisation and we diligently run an improvement process, always wanting to evolve.


We keep our promises and maintain open, honest communications with staff, clients and contractors. We prize our status as a trusted advisor, committed to transparency and accountability.


Competence is key to ensuring we run a safe and successful project and return home to our families happy and well. We not only check competence levels of the contractors, but also encourage growth through training and support.


Our commitment to social responsibility includes conducting our business in accordance with high ethical standards and commitment to human rights based on integrity, reliability, fairness, mutual respect, and trust.