elevate offshore accreditations scaled - Revolutionising Energy Sector Recruitment with Unparalleled Personnel Solutions

Revolutionising Energy Sector Recruitment with Unparalleled Personnel Solutions

Posted on 10th Aug 2023

In a market saturated with offshore recruitment agencies, Elevate Offshore operates distinctly. We are not your conventional global recruitment agency, focused solely on quantity. Instead, we redefine what it means to be a personnel agency committed to service, quality, and lasting relationships.

At Elevate Offshore, we see beyond the routine role of oil and gas recruiters. We go beyond merely matching CVs with job descriptions, instead taking on a broader role – a personnel agency that thoroughly understands the unique needs of our clients and contractors. We dive deeper into understanding the aspirations of our contractors, aligning them closely with the needs of our clients. This holistic approach empowers us to provide personnel who add genuine value to the organisations they join.

Our ethos is built around the well-being and professional growth of our contractors. We strive to foster long-lasting relationships; treating our contractors as partners in a community we are committed to nurturing.

Here at Elevate Offshore, we take pride in being the preferred choice among energy recruiters, offering flexible contracting options that cater to the diverse needs of our contractors. There’s no need to deploy any additional umbrellas; we have staff contracts available, ensuring you can transition smoothly into your offshore journey.

We pride ourselves in offering competitive rates and timely payment, ensuring our contractors are rewarded commensurate with their skills and experience. Our best-in-class service and support are unmatchable, guaranteeing an environment where our contractors feel valued, supported, and encouraged.

Furthermore, we offer a training supplement and support system to further bolster our commitment to our contractors’ professional development. This initiative empowers our contractors with updated industry knowledge and skills, ensuring they remain at the top of their game. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities the offshore industry offers, so we provide offshore mentoring and support – a testament to our commitment to nurturing every contractor’s journey with us.

Unlike many global recruitment companies whose success metrics are confined merely to the number of placements, we at Elevate Offshore perceive success differently. For us, it is about the solid relationships we build and the significant impact our candidates make in their respective organisations.

Because we are engineering specialists, we play a critical role in the oil and gas recruitment sector. The top-notch candidates we provide are not just proficient in their roles but also contribute meaningfully towards the success of the projects they undertake. This commitment to quality and service underpins our operations, reinforcing our position as a leading personnel agency, not just generic energy staffing professionals.

Elevate Offshore is more than just a global recruitment agency. We are companions in the professional journey of our contractors and trusted partners for our clients. We are committed to the offshore industry and to the professionals we serve, and our role extends far beyond being mere energy recruiters.

We are Elevate Offshore, your trusted personnel specialists.


What Our Clients Say

I wanted to commend the team onboard the Vigilant from Elevate, they have been outstanding and made my first role as PC (for a lot of years) a lot less stressful. They are all very professional and the knowledge base is very impressive. It been a pleasure and joy working with the team thus far.

One of the team, in particular, has excelled with a tricky requirement, even getting into some coding, he has been an absolute gun.

Party Chief

Elevate Offshore has provided excellent specialists for our project needs. With only a few brief discussions of scope and location they are consistently able to provide multiple qualified candidates for our offshore owners rep roles. Elevate has been highly adaptable and responsive to the challenges of the last two years. Andrew is my first call when I need a Freelance Specialist.

DOF Subsea Atlantic have used Elevate Offshore heavily in 2021 and we cannot see any reason why we should not continue this trend going forward. The personal touch of the onshore team has impressed us, but it is first and foremost the quality in depth of their contract personnel that has seen successes for us executing offshore projects.

Since joining Elevate I have felt part of an offshore family. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for Elevate. Very professional in all aspects of being an offshore agency.

As any freelance professional working offshore knows; expectations by the contractor from the agent are transparency, good communication & reliability. Elevate Offshore have these qualities in abundance. From the time of leaving the front door, onward travel, LOI’s and flight details pre-arranged, Elevate make travel to/from the work placement a breeze.


We promote safety at every stage of the process – it’s core to our culture. All certification will be authenticated, safety material and briefings available prior to mobilisation and we diligently run an improvement process, always wanting to evolve.


We keep our promises and maintain open, honest communications with staff, clients and contractors. We prize our status as a trusted advisor, committed to transparency and accountability.


Competence is key to ensuring we run a safe and successful project and return home to our families happy and well. We not only check competence levels of the contractors, but also encourage growth through training and support.


Our commitment to social responsibility includes conducting our business in accordance with high ethical standards and commitment to human rights based on integrity, reliability, fairness, mutual respect, and trust.