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Posted on 22nd May 2024

Safety Flash: Buckle Up, Every Time

Incident Reminder: Turbulence on Flight SQ321

Yesterday, severe turbulence on Singapore Airlines Flight SQ321 caused injuries and tragically claimed a life. This event highlights the critical importance of always using seatbelts, whether on the road or in the air.

In Vehicles:

• Always wear your seatbelt, no matter the trip length.
• Ensure all passengers are buckled up before driving.
• Remind others about hashtag#seatbelt importance.

In Planes:

• Fasten your seatbelt as soon as you sit down and keep it fastened when seated.
• Pay attention to the seatbelt sign and crew instructions.
• Follow the airline crew’s hashtag#safety instructions.

Why It Matters:

Seatbelts save lives by keeping you secure during sudden movements or impacts. The turbulence incident on Flight SQ321 is a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of such events. Simple precautions can significantly reduce injury risks.

Stay Safe and Secure:

Make seatbelt use a consistent practice to protect yourself and others from harm. Stay vigilant, stay safe, and always buckle up.

At Work:

🛑 Stop Work Authority (SWA):
• Right and Duty: Every employee can stop unsafe work activities to prevent incidents.
• No Retribution: No negative consequences for stopping work in good faith.
• Responsibility: Empowered to address unsafe actions and violations.

Safe Behaviour Commitment:
• Health and Safety Priority: Nothing is more important than our people’s health and safety.
• Challenge Unsafe Acts: Encourage and recognise safe behaviour.
• Teamwork: Essential for safety.

Expected Behaviour:
• Intervene: Never ignore an unsafe situation.
• Coach and Share: Develop responsibility for safe practices.
• Personal Responsibility: Own your actions.
• Lead by Example: Always demonstrate safe behaviour.
• No Time Excuses: Safety over speed.
• Collaborate: Strive for world-class safety performance.

Always stay vigilant, prioritise safety, and work together to maintain a safe working environment.

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