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Posted on 5th Mar 2024

Team Insights: Advancing Hydrographic Surveying with Mohd Azhari Japli

In the realm of offshore surveying, precision and expertise are paramount. Mohd Azhari Japli, known as Azhari, a Survey Engineer at Elevate Offshore, embodies these principles in his drive to continually boost his understanding of the underwater landscape. His experience in this field has led him to uncover extraordinary insights and face unique challenges throughout his career. In his own words:

“I’m always curious to know what lies beneath the seabed, which is why I chose a career in hydrographic surveying. I have a special interest in the various instruments and the technology that humans can and will develop to understand more about the soil beneath the ocean.”

The Most Unusual Hydrographic Survey Project: Tackling Unexploded Ordnance

Azhari’s career is not just about mapping the ocean floor; it’s about leveraging evolving technology to enhance our comprehension of the subsea environment.

“When we find something on the seabed, such as a bomb or sunken vessel, it gets my adrenaline pumping,” he admits.

Among the numerous hydrographic projects Azhari has participated in, one stands out – a UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) project in Europe that required the expertise of a bomb squad. The mission: locate and safely dispose of underwater unexploded munitions.

“We did find the target bomb,” Azhari recalls, “and found green neon particles on the seabed, which were found to be radioactive.”

This discovery added an extra layer of complexity to an already high-risk operation. It serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of hydrography.

Challenges in Modern Hydrographic Projects: Adapting to Technological Advancements

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, staying current is a significant challenge in hydrography. Azhari points out that while new technologies are emerging, there’s often a lag in training and adaptation. “We need to be more aggressive and eager to catch up with the systems,” he emphasises.

This challenge underscores the importance of continuous learning and professional development within the field. As tools and techniques evolve, hydrographers and offshore surveyors must remain dedicated to staying current and mastering the latest innovations to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of their work.

The Future of Hydrography: A Never-Ending Quest for Knowledge

Looking ahead, Azhari sees a vast frontier in hydrographic surveying. Even with the development of new sonar technology and advanced instruments, there is still much to uncover. “It is still insufficient as the data generated, at times, remains insufficient to meet our requirements,” he observes. “There is still a lot of research and development to be done to create better and more advanced technology.”

This perseverance for technological advancement and knowledge expansion exemplifies the spirit of our survey engineers at Elevate Offshore. As specialists like Azhari continue to tackle the challenges of their field, they provide invaluable insights for the offshore sector.

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