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Posted on 3rd Jan 2024

Team Insights: Exploring the Depths with Roslan Jaafar

In offshore surveying, our specialist personnel are instrumental in exploring the depths of the oceans. As a surveyor at Elevate Offshore, Roslan Jaafar’s passion for the ocean floor, tides, waves, and currents blends with his interest and expertise in using the specialised equipment required for the job. He loves the great outdoors and constantly being on the move worldwide, both of which are key aspects of the role. What truly motivates him is the prospect of collaborating with exceptional colleagues in a fantastic work environment—an element we are dedicated to cultivating at Elevate Offshore.

Balancing Safety and Cost

Roslan tells us that a critical challenge in the hydrographic surveying industry is finding the right balance between safety and project cost. While some companies may prioritise profits over safety, Elevate Offshore takes a different approach; safety is paramount in our operations. Our commitment to safety ensures the well-being of our workforce and safeguards the environment simultaneously. Safety is our foremost core value, and we promote it at every stage of the process; it’s ingrained in our culture. And we diligently engage in an improvement process, always striving for evolution.

The Rising Demand for Hydrographic Expertise

As Roslan considers the future of hydrographic surveying, he tells us, “There’s never been a better time to be a hydrographer or offshore surveyor. Our skills, data, and technology are in high demand globally, driven by an increased emphasis on supporting the blue economy and protecting the ocean, upon which all life on earth depends.”

The blue economy encompasses various industries, including renewable energy generation. Various different sectors rely heavily on hydrographic data for safe and sustainable operations. Moreover, our understanding of the ocean’s role in regulating climate and supporting biodiversity has deepened. Surveyors like Roslan are crucial in advancing this knowledge and promoting responsible ocean management, helping to secure a sustainable future.

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