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Posted on 9th Nov 2023

Elevate Offshore Appoints Alex Natale, Geotechnical Engineering Specialist, Bolstering a New Era of Growth

Elevate Offshore, a prominent provider of survey, ROV, and inspection personnel serving the offshore oil and gas, renewable energy, telecoms, and power sectors, is pleased to announce the appointment of Alex Natale, an experienced Geotechnical Consultant in the offshore industry.

With a diverse career encompassing both onshore and offshore projects, Alex brings a distinctive combination of expertise and forward-thinking to Elevate Offshore’s geotechnical engineering discipline. His insights and passion for this specialised field are poised to enrich Elevate Offshore’s services and how it caters to the offshore industry.

Andrew Blears, Managing Director of Elevate Offshore, commented, “When we decided to expand our presence in the Geotechnical sector to complement our existing site characterisation business line, we recognised the importance of bringing in an industry expert to enhance our service offerings to our clients and offshore teams. In this regard, collaborating with Alex was a natural and straightforward decision. I had previously represented Alex years ago and was well-acquainted with his expertise and work approach, which seamlessly aligned with ours.

Together, we share a common vision: to bring value to our clients by ensuring that we possess the in-depth knowledge required for the successful and safe execution of projects, while also providing unwavering support to our offshore teams. With Alex’s invaluable expertise bolstering our efforts, we are poised to deliver personnel solutions our clients can always rely on, without fail. Our ambition is not to be the largest supplier in the industry; instead, we aim to be the one that consistently delivers outstanding results, without incident.”


Alex’s journey in geotechnical engineering commenced with onshore and offshore geotechnical drilling projects, where he honed his skills in ground investigation and data collection. He then transitioned to vessel and office-based management roles, subsequently becoming the general manager of a survey company. His extensive experience was further boosted as he ventured into the oil and gas sector, serving as a site characterisation and package manager before working on a freelance basis as a geotechnical and foundation installation consultant.

This extensive and diverse experience has equipped Alex with a profound understanding of geotechnical requirements, underscored by a commitment to safety, operational efficiency, and technical precision in offshore projects. He remains firmly attuned to the latest advancements in the field through his active involvement in geotechnical client representation projects.

For Alex, the geotechnical industry isn’t just a job; it’s a community with a shared passion for tackling unique challenges. He notes:

“Being part of such a niche and highly technical field feels like being a member of an extended family, where innovation and expertise thrive.”

The Vital Role of Geotechnical Engineering in Offshore Projects

Geotechnical engineering constitutes a pivotal phase preceding the initiation of any offshore project. It encompasses a series of rigorous processes designed to ensure that manmade structures positioned on the seabed are resilient against the formidable forces of nature throughout their intended design life and decommissioning. This discipline assumes an irreplaceable role in upholding the safety and longevity of offshore structures.

In today’s dynamic landscape, the field grapples with unique challenges, notably identifying and deploying suitably qualified and experienced personnel. As a specialised personnel agency, Elevate Offshore is dedicated to assembling a team comprising individuals with hands-on field experience, enhancing and differentiating the way we work compared to conventional recruitment efforts. Herein lies the significance of Alex’s first-hand expertise, which is instrumental in mitigating the challenges clients face when seeking experienced geotechnical professionals for their projects. Alex emphasises, “To excel as a Geotechnical Engineer in the offshore industry, effective one-to-one communication is paramount. Elevate Offshore ensures clients access these vital skills by investing in personalised interactions and cultivating a team culture that values transparent communication. Our approach to vetting geotechnical candidates is centred on individual meetings and collaborative conference calls. This meticulous selection process guarantees that only the most proficient and seasoned professionals become part of our team.”

To stay abreast of the latest industry standards, regulatory developments, and best practices, Alex participates in conferences hosted by renowned organisations such as the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) and the Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics (OSIG). These gatherings serve as essential platforms for networking, knowledge exchange, and maintaining a competitive edge in a field characterised by rapid evolution.

A Glance into the Future

“As offshore projects grow in scale and complexity, dealing with various seabed conditions becomes an ongoing challenge. Ground conditions inherently carry risks that can often lead to project delays and increased costs when not managed effectively throughout the supply chain,’ Alex explains. To mitigate these challenges, Alex emphasises the importance of implementing correct scheduling, rigorous quality control and quality assurance processes at each project stage, and open contracts that account for all likely situations that can arise during a project.

In light of the difficulty in finding experienced geotechnical personnel capable of tackling these challenges, Alex underscores the significance of recruiting individuals who are not only highly skilled but also adaptable, ready to embrace challenges, and committed to continuous self-training and personal development.

In looking ahead to Elevate Offshore’s future, Managing Director Andrew Blears articulates the company’s strategic vision: ‘As we move forward, we are enthusiastic about expanding our offshore personnel services across various sectors, always with our collective expertise working behind the scenes to ensure the success of every endeavour.”

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