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Posted on 18th Mar 2024

Elevate Offshore Announces Scholarship Opportunity for MSc in Hydrography at The University of Plymouth

Elevate Offshore, a prominent provider of survey, ROV, geotechnical, and inspection personnel serving the offshore oil and gas, renewable energy, telecoms, and power sectors, is pleased to introduce a notable scholarship initiative in collaboration with the University of Plymouth. The scholarship aims to afford aspiring hydrographers a significant opportunity by fully covering the tuition fees for the MSc in Hydrography program, beginning in September 2024.

In addition to covering the degree fees, Elevate Offshore will offer mentorship from their experienced staff surveyors. This mentorship program aims to provide the recipient with invaluable guidance and insight into the industry, facilitating a trajectory towards a successful career in hydrography. Furthermore, the recipient will be able to participate in networking events hosted by Elevate Offshore, enabling them to cultivate meaningful connections within the industry. While the scholarship recipient stands to gain financial support and access to Elevate Offshore’s mentorship program, it will be tailored to provide guidance throughout their academic journey. Additionally, they will be expected to present their findings at industry events and accompany Elevate Offshore to networking opportunities, further enhancing their professional development.

Andrew Blears, Managing Director of Elevate Offshore, conveyed his enthusiasm for the scholarship, remarking,

“Elevate Offshore recognises the burgeoning demand for adept personnel in hydrographic surveying and remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing talent within the field. Through this scholarship collaboration with the University of Plymouth, we endeavour to attract individuals who may not have previously contemplated a career in hydrography, thereby propelling the advancement of this discipline within the offshore industry.”

Dr Tim Scott, Associate Professor in Ocean Exploration and Programme Lead for MSc Hydrography, commented, “This wonderful scholarship opportunity, offered by Elevate Offshore, removes one of the greatest barriers to study for those interested in a career in Hydrography. Our team at the University of Plymouth offers master’s-level scientific and technical education in Hydrography, facilitating specialist training to graduates to accelerate their careers in the marine sector, at a time when there is a national and international shortage of highly skilled personnel.”

Applications for the scholarship must be submitted by 31st July 2024 through the University of Plymouth website. Eligible applicants must be UK-domiciled and have received an offer for a full-time place in the MSc Hydrography program at the University of Plymouth starting in September 2024.

Elevate Offshore intends to grant one scholarship annually to The University of Plymouth’s MSc in Hydrography program. The university will select successful applicants based on their funding application.

For comprehensive details regarding the scholarship and eligibility criteria, please visit the University of Plymouth website.


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