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Team Insights: Ashwaad Mohamad’s Surveying Journey

In the dynamic realm of offshore life, where challenges unfold with every survey and discovery, individuals like Ashwaad Mohamad, a Geophysicist and Party Chief at Elevate Offshore, take a leading role. Drawing from over 15 years of experience in hydrographic surveying, Ashwaad shares his insights...

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Team Insights: Exploring the Depths with Roslan Jaafar

In offshore surveying, our specialist personnel are instrumental in exploring the depths of the oceans. As a surveyor at Elevate Offshore, Roslan Jaafar’s passion for the ocean floor, tides, waves, and currents blends with his interest and expertise in using the specialised equipment required for...

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Team Insights: Q&A with Becky Cronin, Hydrographic Data Processor

Have you ever wondered what makes hydrography such an exciting field? We sat down with Becky Cronin, one of our expert Hydrographic Data Processors, to dive into the world of hydrography and gain insights into her experiences. Q: Why hydrography? What’s the buzz in the...

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Team Insights: A Party Chief’s Experience

In hydrography, where every survey unveils new challenges and discoveries, specialists like Kristian Johns, a Party Chief at Elevate Offshore, play a pivotal role. With a career that has seen him navigating diverse environments and unearthing remarkable underwater discoveries, Kristian offers us a glimpse into...

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Elevate Offshore’s Commitment to Training and Continuous Learning

At Elevate Offshore, we are firmly dedicated to the principles of training and continuous learning. We strongly believe that success in the offshore sector hinges on cultivating knowledge, skills, and expertise among our employees and contractors. Our core philosophy revolves around forging meaningful connections and...

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Casting the Spotlight on Opportunities for Surveyors

If you’re a Surveyor looking for your next project, consider making Elevate Offshore your first port of call. We’re not your run-of-the-mill recruitment agency; we’re a specialist personnel agency dedicated to providing exceptional service, quality, and long-lasting relationships for clients and contractors. We’ve set ourselves...

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Revolutionising Energy Sector Recruitment with Unparalleled Personnel Solutions

In a market saturated with offshore recruitment agencies, Elevate Offshore operates distinctly. We are not your conventional global recruitment agency, focused solely on quantity. Instead, we redefine what it means to be a personnel agency committed to service, quality, and lasting relationships. At Elevate Offshore,...

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